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Hotel Citrus Prime: Where contemporary chic meets comfort, providing world-class amenities, memorable events, and delectable delicacies for a soulful and satisfying experience.

Our Story

Our Story Behind The Luxury Hotel

Staying at Citrus Prime hotels gives you the best of both worlds. Citrus Prime is a unique collection of different types of charming hotels in different locations of the country. Citrus hotels marry charm and comfort, the decor, ambiance and services make every Citrus hotel unique

Our Hotels

Our Comfort Hotels

₹4000 / Night onwards

₹4000/ Night onwards

₹4000 / Night onwards

₹2500/ Night onwards

Luxury Hotel

The Best Luxurious Hotel

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Why Choose Us

Why You Should Choose us

Our hotels provide first-rate service and a great location together to give you an experience you won’t soon forget. Our kind, well-trained staff will welcome you as soon as you enter the building and is committed to making sure you are comfortable and satisfied throughout your stay.

The Philosophy


Every COrner Is FOr you

Discover a hotel where every corner is designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind, ensuring a truly personalized and exceptional experience.

BE TOGETHER with your family, friend or lovely one

Create precious moments and cherish unforgettable memories as you stay together with your family, friends, or loved ones in our welcoming hotel, where togetherness is cherished and celebrated.

The Food always make your day

Indulge in a culinary journey where every meal is a delightful experience, as our exceptional food offerings are sure to brighten your day and leave a lasting impression.

The Gallery

Every Hotel Corner have a luxury touch

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